The Rules

There are five awards to be granted in the Manning Point Fishing Classic. They are:

Pêcheur de Respect Elevé (The Champion)

Premier Groupe de Pêche (The Champion Team)

Buveur de Haute Estime   (The Champion Social Member)

Rose Pêcheur de peu D'estime (The Order of the Pink Rod Winner)

Jeune Pêcheur de peu D'estime (The Rookie of the Year)

 In full accordance with the Rules and Bylaws of Extreme Fishing as published by Poissons et Boisson Extrêmes the following are the rules of the Manning Point Fishing Classic that determine the winners of these awards.

Pêcheur de Respect Elevé   and Premier Groupe de Pêche

  1. The total points accumulated (see Fishing Points Scale, Points de la Pêche Artisanale below) wins the individual event and the winner will be crowned as  Pêcheur de Respect Elevé (Fisherperson of High Regard)
  2. The Classic will have three competition rounds. Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon and Sunday.
  3. Total Team Points (see Fishing Points Scale below) wins the team event, Premier Groupe de Pêche. If the results are drawn after the three rounds an open debate will take place to determine the winning team,Premier Groupe de Pêche.
    1. Bylaw 3.1: All fish must be legal sized
    2. Bylaw 3.2: Live prawns do not count
  4. Fish are only valid for the Pêcheur de Respect Elevé award if caught between 3pm Friday and the end of the Sunday round and blogged.
  5. Late Night fishing expeditions are encouraged although catches will not contribute to the Teams Event but are valid for the Pêcheur de Respect Elevé award.
    1. Bylaw 5.1: Except if someone catches a really big fish off the beach during the Friday beach and beer extravaganza which could end the competition before it starts
  6. All baits and lures are acceptable
    1. Bylaw 6.1: Electronic devices are not valid
  7. Fish can be caught by rod, hand or net (less than 2 metres in diameter).
    1. Bylaw 7.1: Fish cannot be caught by stabbing with rod fitted with sharp, knife-like devices
    2. Bylaw 7.2: Explosives are expressly outlawed.
  8. Maximum of 2 Rods per person
    1. Bylaw 8.1: Except for spares and backups and beach rods and hand lines
  9. Species caught must be recognised by identification in "What Fish is That?" (ISBN 1741170125)
    1. Bylaw 9.1:   All bird species are no longer acceptable especially pelicans (Mangrove!)
    2. Bylaw 9.2:  Other mammals are valid as long as caught in water
  10. Specific Intervention of opposing team members during the catch process is encouraged. Team members may alternate between boats if approved by their respective captains.
  11. No drink driving permitted on water (or land)
  12. No gambling on Jenga or any game that involves anything apart from luck.
  13. Failure to arrive at lunch by the end of the round constitutes immediate disqualification from the classic.
  14. No Soft Drinks after 6pm
    1. Bylaw 13.1: Soft Drinks are permitted if mixed with bourbon, scotch or gin etc
    2. Bylaw 13.2: Soft Drinks are permitted if used in a joke
    3. Bylaw 13.3: Soft Drinks are permitted for medical reasons
    4. Bylaw 13.4: Coke is not permitted for medical reasons because lets face it , it's not really that good for you is it? It gets all manner of stains off clothes when used as a washing aid (Thanks to for that tip).
  15. No good fishermen are allowed to win the competition i.e. if you are really good we will enact the overriding governance to change the rules.
  16. The Manning Point Fishing Classic uses the Points de la Pêche Artisanale, the Fishing Points Scale. This Fishing Points Scale replaces the infamous and controversial Fish Weighting Factor (Facteur de Pondération de Poisson - FPP) and has been found in documentation from Poissons et Boisson Extrêmes, dated 1449. Parts of the original manuscript are missing but our archaeologists has discovered these Fishing Points allow for a more complete Champion to be awarded.

    The points will be awarded as follows for each Targeted Species Group:


    Description Points
    Longest Fish of a Species 5
    2nd Longest Fish of a Species 3
    All other fish caught of a Species 1

     The Targeted Species groups are:

    Bream Flathead
    Luderick Cobia
    Flounder Tailor
    Mulloway Whiting
    Snapper  All Others (grouped into one category)

    The Champion is the person who accumulates the most points over the full tournament. The Champion Team will be the Team that accumulates the most points over the three tournament rounds.

    1. Bylaw 15.1: If a fish is caught weighing over 2 Kg and is a specifically named targeted species (excluding All Others) , then it will have a 5 x multiplier for the number of points awarded.
    2. Bylaw 15.2: Any points accumulated on the Pink Rod will have a 2 x multiplier for the number of points awarded.
    3. Bylaw 15.3: If any false claims are made then that Fisherman and the claim supporters will be banned for life and will be imprisoned in a public service job at Brussels.
    4. Bylaw 15.4: If in the case of any draw in the Champions race, points can be allocated by the Social Committee to those who have done the most to upheld the full tradition of Poissons et Boisson Extrêmes.
    5. Bylaw  15.4: Rays are not fish from 2012 onwards. 
    6. The executive rules committtee (consisting of all previous tournament Umpires and the Tournament Director) decision in all matters is final and not open to dispute.

Rule 47: THE MOST INPORTANT RULE: The rules committee of Poissons et Boisson Extrêmes can change these rules at any time under the guise of 'being funny'.


The Order of the Pink Rod

The Order of the Pink Rod (L'Ordre de la Rose Rod) is a challenge of the highest order. The revered pink rod, whose history dates back to pre-industrial revolution times in Mali, is passed from competitor to competitor. It is a kind of Russion Roulette (which although more popular was based upon the ancient Order of the Pink Rod) The competitor must catch a fish on the pink rod before it is passed onto the next holder.

 The following rules apply:

  1. The order will be decided by random team, then member selection before the first round. This order must be adhered to.
  2. When a fish (of any size or definition) is caught on the pink rod, the current holder must notify the next recipient that the rod is available for collection. It is the recipients responsibility to retrieve the rod (The Passage of Transfer period).
    1.  Bylaw 2.1: If the recipient is boatless, it is the previous holders responsibility to get the rod to the recipient
    2. Bylaw 2.2: If the rod does not get to a boatless based recipient then the 'Passage of Transfer' has not occurred
    3. Bylaw 2.3: The rod must be transferred in such time that the recipient must be notified at least 10 minutes before the end of a round.
  3.  The pink rod can only be used in official rounds of the tournament
  4. If a legal fish is caught on the Pink Rod then the Fisherman is exempt from rest of the The Order of the Pink Rod proceedings. He shall be worshipped unnecessarily during all social events.
  5. The holder of the pink rod at the end of each round will have to comply with the following conditions:
    1. They must use the Pink Stubbie Holder (Puis titulaire rose) and Pink Hat (Chapeau Rose )throughout the festivities for ALL beverages consumed before the start of the next round
    2. They must buy the first purchasable shout of beer
    3. They can be verbally denigrated by all other competitors
  6. It is the responsibility of the holder to supply any new tackle or bait for the Pink Rod
  7. No other rods or lines can be used while the Pink Rod is held.
  8. Any tampering or intentional sabotage of the Pink Rod is deemed an 'unspeakable act' and the villain involved will hold the Pink Rod for the entire tournament.
  9. The final recipient of Pink Rod will be branded the Pink Fisherman of No Regard (Rose Pêcheur de peu D'estime) and will take home the Puis titulaire Rose.
  10. No one is exempt from it's wrath.
  11. The rules committee will decide on all disputes regarding the Order of the Pink Rod.


Le Buveur de Haute Estime  (The Drinker of High Regard)

In reverence to our patrons, a perpetual trophy will be awarded to the tournament entrant who most epitomizes the key values of  Poissons et Boisson Extrêmes . This award is to be called Le Buveur de Haute Estime  (The Drinker of High Regard). This award will be given by the Social Committee based upon the performance over the full tournament.






Rookie of the Year (Jeune Pêcheur de peu D'estime)

The Rookie of the Year is a challenge of the lowest order.

The following rules apply:

  1. The Rookie of the Year shall be awarded only to the most novice of fisherman