Sailfin Steve

11th March 2015
A history clouded in mystery leads us to Sailfin Steve. Rumours abound of his skills - rumours all un-certified.


Nationality   Greek          
History  Nothing to mention
Previous Entrant  2015,2016,2017
Referrees The Umpire (enough said!)
Preferred Team The Umpire, Hookem (ditto)
Alcohol Preference

Not much

Ed: we aren't sure if that means not much preference (which is very positive) or not much alcohol (which is a big negative). 

Approvers Comments

Generally when The Umpire has a recommendation we listen immediately and follow his instructions. So Sailfin was a shoo-in.

Apart from his winning of the MMXI Athens Extreme Fishing Classix we have heard nothing about this Pecher - it may well be that his Euro-backers have gone broke bringing an end to his competive fishing. We just don't know.

Rumours of the Tea Party backing Sailfin for the Classic appear to be unfounded so we let him it.  


Good luck, Sailfin.



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