17th February 2014
2014,2015,2016 and 2017 entrant who is back again. We question his choice of company - but we did the same for Melania Trump.


Nationality  Australian
History Not a bloody lot.
Previous Entrant  2014 Rookie
Referrees Swampman
Preferred Team Swampman
Alcohol Preference Anything cold.
Approvers Comments

Little is known of Mudguts except for his friendship with Swampman Simo - that's scary enough and his love of non-beer in black cans.

Maybe this is a fallback to his mud-living background where everything looks black. He was raised in the catfish swamps of the deep south and became the go-to angler in the pools of Louisiana. 

Does he wear a blue and black dress or a white and gold dress?  We just don't know. He's back again so be afraid, be very afraid!

Good luck, Mudgets.



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