Mr Mahi Mahi

10th February 2014
Carry 'o the Champion 2013 and 2016


Nationality  Australian
History Carry 'o the Champion 2013 and 2016
Previous Entrant  2011 Top 5 finish, won the Strike Pro lure comp. 2012 Top 20, 2013 CHAMPION!!, 2016 CHAMPION!!
Referrees Mangrove Mike, Haka Joe
Preferred Team Hammah Head
Alcohol Preference Yes please
Approvers Comments

The highly credentialled Mr Mahi Mahi couldn't stop Fishin Phil from capturing the 2011 title, but he took home the Strike Pro Lures (skins) comp, narrowly beating Mangrove in the undersized fish stakes.

2012 saw him return and smash plenty of fish, but not of the size needed to win the Classic.

He was the favourite in 2013 and saluted the punters with the bookies taking a bath.

Can he catch a massive flathead in an old prawn net by sneaking up on it ? YES

Can you lift a big flathead cheerfully in the air in an old prawn net? NOOOOOOOOOOOO


Good luck , Mr Mahi Mahi.



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