Tsunami Col

27th January 2014
Nihon Sumo Kyokai 2013 January Grand Sumo Tournament Champion at the Ryogoku Kokugikan Stadium.

Approved, Payment Pending

Nationality Collish

not enough space to list

Previous Entrant 2005 Top 6, 2006 Top 8, 2007 Top 9, 2008 Top 13, 2009 Top 15, 2010 2nd, 2011 Top 20, 2012 Top 20. 2013 Top 15, 2014, 2015,2016,2017 Top 20.
Referrees I know Mangrove

Preferred Team/

Team Mates

Any, they are all great blokes
Alcohol Preference Not Fussy Beer Brewing Company
Approvers Comments

"The man who changes names, changes luck."

This ancient Peruvian proverb was tempted to be proven to be correct when Tsunami Col took on the 2011 Manning Point Fishing Classic.  Alas, it made no difference. 2012 was the same... and 2013.

Col has had little luck in previous years, although his runner-up in the 2010 Classic (to standout Mangrove Mike) showed that he can mix it with the best.

Tsunami has spent the majority of 2013 researching and performing in events in Japan. Will this be the change he needs?

The last original who hasn't cracked the title. Come on Tsunami, the odds are in your favour. Good luck.





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