Mangrove Mike

24th January 2014
2010,2016 Champion. Smashed the opposition early in the tournament with a Lizard Light-Up and kept them coming in over the weekend. 
Finally his talk did the walk. Hasn't done anything since.


Nationality  Bavarian
History Under 12's Champion of Champions 1972 (age 8). 2010 Manning Point Fishing Classic Winner. 2010 Poissonnes et Boissonns Series Winner
Previous Entrant  2005 (Top 3 finish), 2006 (Top 7), 2007 (2nd - disputed), 2008 (2nd - disputed), 2009 (Top 15), 2010 (Winner), 2011 Top 15, 2012 Top 20, 2013 Top 15, 2016 Champion
Referrees Jeremy Clarkson
Preferred Team Any one who needs some help (and hindrance) from the 2010 Champ.
Alcohol Preference Bluering's Brilliance.
Approvers Comments

Mangrove has had a very quiet summer at Manning Point this year, leading to reports that he has lost his mojo.  His recent failure in the Maloo Open in Fiji seems to confirm this fact although he did perform admirably in the Boisonning.

He did light up the Mallacoota Classic in November 2013 but lost his confidence after a cracking start and caught nothing following the first few hours (and losing a 80cm lizard).

The Manning is serving up plenty of Jewfish - Mangrove has never caught one. Could he be the first triple-repeat champion ?  Probably not.


Website: Marine Kill

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