Big Jig Geoff

27th January 2014


Nationality None



Previous Entrant 2005 (Top 6 finish), 2006 Champion, 2007 (Top 10), 2008 (Top 13), 2009 (Top10), 2010 (Top 100), 2011 Top Bloke, 2012 Top 15, 2013 Top 20, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 Top 100
Referrees No thanks
Preferred Team Team Vulva or whateva the buzzword is
Alcohol Preference Anything
Approvers Comments

Big Jigs entire season is built around the first event of the tournament season, the Manning Point Fishing Classic. After winning the 2006 Classic, he went on win the 2006 Poissons et Boisson Extrêmes Series.

However, after a disappointing showing in 2008, Big Jig took the year off to write his best-selling children's novel, "Big Jig, Little Jig".

Following his great success he developed a multi-featured jigsaw puzzle game (just Google BigJig).

BigJig has been spending time of late managing his extensive portfolio of assets accumulated during his halcyon years and doing maintenance work on Karisma. I hope he hasn't neglected the fishing.


Good luck, BigJig.



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