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Tuesday 23rd March 2010
By Ronny Reuters OBE (MP)

Press release from Mr Copperi reads as follows:

"After a 27 hr marathon sitting of the Court of Arbitration in Fishing, convened at the spiritual home of extreme fishing, Reykjavík, it has been declared that the Fish Weighting Factors re-introduced at Manning Point in 2009 is INVALID, and has been superseded by

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I've just Goooogled a translation on these alleged rules - its a recipe for a crispy bear batter!!!!??

Posted by Ganghook Gibbo, 24/03/2010 12:23:29 pm

Sunday 21st March 2010
By  Tsunami Col

Catfish Col along with Green Team Mascot took on the Taming the Trout pre-MPFC tournament in Te Anau, New Zealand.

The day was cool, calm and misty and the trout well and truly tamed.

The competition was choice bro. Later, fush'n chups were enjoyed by all.

Totally awesome but still a way to go to achieve the high standard

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Two heads and twice the skill. Hey Catfish, did you get sex ??? ... or five fush ?

Posted by Mangrove Mike, 21/03/2010 3:52:35 pm

Taming the trout eh... Is that like spanking the monkey?

Posted by BigJig Geoff, 22/03/2010 8:49:10 am

OMG its a mutant catfish. You'll have to get the extra wide bream hat for those two heads.

Posted by Fishing Phil, 22/03/2010 5:20:28 pm

What eggsakly is a "Wide Bream Hat"????

Posted by Ganghook Gibbo, 24/03/2010 12:19:59 pm

Sunday 21st March 2010
By  Captain Blue Ring

The Manning Point Fishing Classic's beer factory has been running at 100% in preparation for the coming classic

Weather has slowed the annual collection by the beer gnomes and they have had to resort to backup methods.

When one was question on these "backup" methods he rattled on about previous classics' "left over

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Captain, we can't wait. My entire diet now consists of pre-digested food and drink. In fact, I like nothing more than a night on the piss!

Posted by Ronny Reuters, 21/03/2010 3:49:59 pm

Friday 19th March 2010
By  Fishing Phil

Obama's Press secretary has in advertantly released details President Barrack Obama's fleeting visit to the shores of Australia. The security detail has informed Marucs Cooperi that The President will grace us with his presence during the MPFC. PM Kevin Rudd has acknowledge in Parliment today that the MPFC must take precidence over all other events

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Yeah, fly fishing though! When are they going to realize that it's only for people with beards. Give me a hunk of meat on a hook any day ( .. and I'll have any enjoyable meal eating it before going fishing). Marcus looks happy, he must have just found out that Tony Abbott is going to do the ironing.

Posted by Mangrove Mike, 21/03/2010 3:57:53 pm

Monday 8th March 2010
By Ronny Reuters OBE (MP)

We'd like to welcome on board two new sponsors for the 2010 Manning Point Fishing Classic, Jarvis Walker and Daiwa. These two great fishing companies join long term sponsor Telligence to support the great esturian tournament on the Manning.

Jarvis Walker is Austalia's oldest tackle company and has been around since 1946. They are also the

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Thanks to the sponsors!

Posted by Ronny Reuters, 17/03/2010 11:41:25 pm

We appreciate you support for our fantastic comp. Only 8 days to go and I'm keen as mustard hooks. Yippee!

Posted by Ronny Reuters, 17/03/2010 11:42:22 pm

And BigJig's Sinker Emporium for some of the prize pool!

Posted by Mangrove Mike, 21/03/2010 4:35:52 pm

I really couldn't ask for more from this airtcle.

Posted by Lyndall, 28/07/2011 1:41:14 pm

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Saturday 27th February 2010
By  BigJig Geoff

Allegations by Marcus Copperi that National Newspaper reporters last night hacked the MPFC website, gaining important and highly confidential information about approved applicants for the 2010 MPFC fishing competition have been hastily retracted.

Upon advice from a high level Government official who asked that we only call him 'David

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I think the website looks very peaceful and relaxing. Which will be in direct contrast to the rest of the fisherman at Manning Point next weekend when they see the size of the fish I'll be catching!

Posted by Mangrove Mike, 19/03/2010 4:13:56 pm

Hey Mangrove - Do you mean the fish will be so small the rest of the competitors will be embarrassed on your behalf?

Posted by BigJig Geoff, 20/03/2010 5:01:27 pm

It's not the size that matters, it's the weight! (or is that wait ...)

Posted by Mangrove Mike, 21/03/2010 3:54:10 pm

Monday 22nd February 2010
By Ronny Reuters OBE (MP)

It is only just over a month until the 2010 Manning Point Fishing Classic and as these paparazzi photos show it appears that famous fishermen, Fishin' Phil, Catfish Col and Mangrove Mike are still enjoying the good life rather than training for the Classic.

While the other competitors are almost permanently in the gym or visiting their cast-doctors,

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Friday 12th February 2010
By  Codfish Cowling

Finally Codfish found some luck on the waters, with a nice catch of several Flathead and Slimy’s while out on a charter off the coast.

Was it the Moe that brought this luck? Or just the pure fishing talent that Codfish possess’? We’ll find out in this year’s Fishing Classic, moe or no moe!


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