Where is Haka Jo?

By Mr Mahi Mahi

As incumbent MPFC Champion it seems strange that Haka Jo would miss the opportunity to go back to back in the 2015 competition. He has reportedly been requested to attend the national Allianz Sales Club Awards in sunny NZ. A likely story indeed, however one suspects a red herring!

Haka has also embarked on a health kick which has seen him steer clear of the Captain's goodness since Janaury 1. Testimony to this is the downgraded profit forecast for the Woolworths Group. How is this related you may ask? Dan Murphy's, a subsidiary of the Woolworths Group, has been identified as the weak link in sales since the beginning of the year. With Haka turning his back on the Devil's drink, there is talk of Dan Murphy stores closing across the Hunter Region. His inability to participate in the 'Twin Arts' seems a more likely reason for his absence this year.

I will do my best to bring Haka back to the Dark Side. Hopefully we will see his return in 2016.

Below is a link to the mantra I will use to entice him.

Remember - Beer IS Good!

MMM (Mr Mahi Mahi)



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