Whales attack Spectators

By  Ganghookold Gibbo

A group of eager spectators were attacked today on the Manning River as they were getting prepared for the best viewing positions for the Manning Point Fishing Classic.

The group in kayaks had come too close to the practice area where Ganghook Gibbo was testing a new range of hooks (consisting of four chain saws lashed together and baited with a cow) .

As this stunning footage shows, just as Ganghook was reeling the fish in (Japanese style) it collided with the spectators.

Marcus Copperi, the event organiser said today "Let this be a warning to all spectators coming to the area. Please do not stray into the official content regions.   These people make me sick. There are plenty of Gold and Platinum seating packages left as well as a number of Diamond Boat Packages - all priced reasonably".

After losing the fish, Ganghook was not happy, saying  "I'm not happy".  Then adding hesitantly, obviously watchful of the press coverage, "Dickheads".



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