By Groper Griffo


1.     Get a leave pass

2.     Try to explain the by-laws including the fact that women and children are banned.

3.     Pretend to agree  that by laws are out-dated but look sad and ask  ‘Yes I agree but what can I do?’

4.     Try to explain that the ‘Groper Griffo’ name which has been given to me refers only to a type of fish and nothing else

5.     Talk about the benefits of boys bonding and how girls need their space from time to time. Don’t get offended when she calls me a  bullshit artist

6.     Find fishing gear

7.     Throw away old bait found in the bottom of fishing bag

8.     Hang out fishing bag to air

9.     Buy some new fishing gear

10.  Don’t  think about how many kilos of fish I could buy with the cost of the  fishing gear

11.  Go into competition training mode. (Drink 12 stubbies and check tide charts)

12.  Oh yes and write a blog!!


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This is excellent advice and quite comprehensive...

Posted by Ganghook Gibbo, 12/03/2013 3:52:45 pm

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