More from the Manning

By Ronny Reuters OBE (MP)

Bream, bream everywhere and no a one to catch!
The school bream are getting bigger and bigger around the Waterbird Restaurant (Jim and Di's). The kids had a great time feeding the fish while poor old Dad was left to ponder how to catch the fellas. Some of the feeding bream would have been 40+ cms. Nice!
Mangrove did console himself with another nice flathead, caught again on the Squidgy Pro, Evil Minnow flick bait (this time the 110mm variety). After a fruitless afternoon, Mangrove decided to balance/walk out to the edge of the river swimming pool at about 7pm. First flick picked up an under-sized flattie, but having walked out with nothing but his rod and very light gear, Mangrove just did everything wrong just to get the bugger off his line. As usual, this worked.
The next throw however picked up a much bigger fish - so in an entertaining spectacle for the gathered admirers of the 2010 Champion, Mangrove did the tight-rope walk back to land gently persuading the fish along the way. The end result was successful, but the leap from the end of the pool to land (about 1.5 metres) was a bit tricky with fish in tow. The fish un-hooked about 1 metre onto the sand. Phew!


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