McTuna embroiled in rule breach scandal

By Bloodworm

In the biggest upset in MPFC history, a complaint has been raised against the eligibility of McTuna's crowning as 2018's Pêcheur de Respect Elevé (The Champion).

A keen-eyed anonymous rookie took note of the first-time champion's poor form in BOTH of the twin arts, hinting at a possible breach of the official Poissons et Boisson Extrêmes rules.

The winner is alleged to be in breach of rule 13 - No soft drinks after 6pm.

The incident occurred on the Friday night, where it is alleged the winner was drinking a plain Coca-Cola. There did not appear to be any bourbon, scotch or gin in the drink, which would permit the win based on Bylaw 13.1.

Attempts to raise the legality of the win with Marcus Copperi and Ronny Reuters fell on deaf ears.

UPDATE 13/3/2018 7:00PM - We received an official response from the MPFC Legal team with a reference to bylaw 15.6. The judging is final and not open to dispute.


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