Manning Point Fishing Classic Day 1 Wrap - Super Saturday

By Ronny Reuters OBE (MP)

Day 1 started slowly due to the late night tactic discussions despite Mangrove offering to drive everyone in a bus to the local polling booth. It was refused but he still drove the bus.
Voting was EXTREMELY slow despite the returning officer having done the task "for forty years" - she was reliving every moment of those forty years between each voter getting their papers!

The teams were arranged and off the boys set into the Manning. It was a quiet morning (except for Fishin Phil) and all looked forward to lunch at the Harrigans at Harrington. Fishin Phil's battery went dead (again) right up the Harrington channel so Flathead had to tow him back to Manning Point. All other competitors just laughed, sipped more beer and nibbled on oysters and prawns waiting for them. The food arranged through Paul O'Rourke (thanks heaps) was sensational. The weather started to close in so it ended up being a very, very long lunch as the rain was pouring down. Some boats didn't leave until 4 pm.

Mangrove got a nice (small) tailor on his Strike Pro lure leading that comp, the Pink Rod was fishing well and most people caught a fish or two.

There was plenty of fish for the Saturday night BBQ held at Manning Point Mnor - also topped up by some raffles winnings. Captain's brew was flowing well and a good time was had by all.

Flathead Phil was concerned by some out-of-date flares so he tested one to make sure it was OK. Since he provided most of the fish for the BBQ he was allowed.

Sadly, we received the news of previous competitor Stingray's passing on Saturday night which put things into perspective we toasted many drinks to our dear friend.


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