Manning Point Fishing Classic - Day 0

By Ronny Reuters OBE (MP)

Friday, Day 0, is the day of preparation. Secret spots were investigated, gentle fluids were consumed and Manning Point Bowling Club was put under pressure.

Mangrove, Ganghook and Fishin hit the water early and waited for the others to turn up at Manning Point. Throughout the day they straggled in, seasoned pros like Bigjig, Tsunami came early - Mr Mahi Mahi and Haka Jo just getting there in time to hit the raffles

Ronnie Reuters presided over the official duties and outlined the rules and regulations for 2011. Previous champion Mangrove Mike also helped in this duty. The official presentation of shirts to rookies was done by previous champion Ganghook Gibbo. Pirate Pete, Dory, Roughy, Flathead Fil, Tangles, Reefy and Barra were part of the biggest group of rookies ever seen at the Classic. As usual Fishin Phil did a great job with the show bags.
Captain Bluering's Special Lager was sensational and enjoyed by the competitors throughout the entire weekend.

We also had the draw of the Strike Pro lures which included the video diaries that we'll include on the site in the MPFC TV area. Thanks to Tangles for media duties.
The boys hit the raffles and "food" at the bowling club. The general thought was that the food wasn't the greatest but the liquid enthusiasm was of the highest standards. Col at the Bowlo as usual looked after us very well.

Late night tactic discussions continued into the wee hours and much bacon and eggs were consumed.
A great start!.


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