Mangroves Hawaii Adventures

By Ronny Reuters OBE (MP)
Mangrove Mikes efforts to get a higher seed ranking for the 2013 Manning Point Fishing Classic by entering in the Waikiki Extreme Paddleboard Fishing Tournament have failed miserably.
Mangrove spent far too much time cruising the tourist circuits and sleeping in late. His paddle board skills were atrocious and when he was successful standing up he preferred to catch waves and fall off, rather than catch the fish on offer.
His financial backers will be very disappointed as ALL items at Waikiki are expensive and their related betting plunge was in vain.
Mangrove has responded in typical style "just hang loose, man" and continued to sip his Mai Tai. Is he just foxing or has the 2010 Champion just lost his touch? We'll find out in March.
Ronny Reuters, live from Waikiki.
(Ronny travelled as a guest of Marine Kill Enterprises).


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Well from one champion to another.... "Men and fish are alike. They both get into trouble when they open their mouths".

Posted by Flathead Fill, 21/02/2013 10:08:26 pm

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