Mangrove's Christmas Catch

By Ronny Reuters OBE (MP)

Mangrove Mike has just landed his biggest ever flattie at beautiful Manning Point.
The 4.2 kilo, 84 cm beast was caught on 6lb braid, 8 lb leader and the king of plastics, the Squidgy Pro 70mm Evil Minnow Flick bait. An 8 minute battle where multiple attempts at netting failed, Captain Kevin, got the lizard in the net just in time. Mangrove and Kevin were both needed to bring the net into the boat, at this point Mangroves Team Daiwa Sol rod with Abu Garcia Soron SX20 reel went overboard. Fortunately the flattie was still attached and the rod and reel where retrieved.
When disengaging the flathead from the net we realized how lucky Mangrove was - the hook was now snapped! A perfect end to a great day that also saw a couple of other 'ordinary' sized flatties. Whew!


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How much did that cost you at the co-op??

Posted by Roughy Rod, 09/02/2012 3:41:07 pm

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