Letter from Peru

By  PrawnStar Mick

Dear Ronny

I find myself still in the wilds of Peru,  searching for the sportfishing  challenge for which I am renowned. My piscatorial exploits in the ancient Amazon or the wilds of the Pacific amidst the productive grounds of Humboldt current have to date been shall we say limited. Piranha fishing – yes well as famous and menacing as this species may be, like some fisherman I have come across its reputation far outstrips its fighting ability or sportsfishing qualities. Garfish under Forgacs offer more challenge and fight . From my vast experience it is confirmed that young men with their mothers tending their side are able to harness the reputation of this species. Thus my search of Sth American species continues and I believe I have now found a species worthy of my  attention on this vast continent.

Though the wilds of the Amazons are calling, it is alas the season of wet on the other side of the Andes and the species I seek harbours in the vast waters and fast currents of the Amazon basin in this season. However my planning is underway and my research is being honed on this species which has my attention so. I have identified my quarry and am plotting charts and lunar calendars to optimize my hunting.    It is indeed true that there are many piscatorial species in the Amazon worthy of attention. Mainstream productions such as ‘River Monsters’ may entice the bait dunkers within the population to find a nice deep hole and throw a chunk of piranha on to a gaff size hook to catch a big catfish; a monster even. This may well fill  a particular niche in the sport fishing populace but I find myself drawn towards lesser known species; lesser known only to the great uneducated. Many a pleasure craft on the Amazon hosting five start hotel style accommodation offering Dom Perignon  on barge type vessels hosts ignorant types who do not understand the premier habitat which is found in the small tributaries and lagoons of the mighty Amazon.  Nor, it follows, do they recognize the premier sportsfishing within scent of their Monte Cristo cigars.

I know dear Ronny, that by now you are wondering whichever species it could be which has drawn my attention thus;  I must ask however before I conclude my update how you are faring? I trust that you wear with pride the true sign of fishing dedication: line cuts on forefingers; indentations from trebles and fin spikes and sunburn on the top of the wrist. I know you know that they’ll never understand. Spouses they are important it is true, I have one myself even, but don’t make a man choose. I have seen the question posed – I kid you not – in the tropical waters of Queensland, in our quest for large pelagic species one hot summer. The question was foolishly posed “its me or the fishing” which met with the response we fellow fishers knew coming: “I’ll grab me rods”.

I have spoken too much – forgive me my comrade. It is much regret that I must inform you that I am unable to participate in this  year’s Manning Point Fishing Classic. The tyranny of distance has my measure but alas, rest assured, this very season my quarry will be the premier sports fish of the Amazon – the PEACOCK BASS. I understand you are handy with the computer my friend so I implore you to, as they say, go on the web and understand my quarry some. Grab a lager, relax and you will learn and you will smile; you will understand my challenge.

I speak no more and will not rest until I have mastered this species.

I know you will be thinking of me, as I you, as you grace the fair town with the Classic of 2014.


Tight lines




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