Has Marcus Jumped Ship?

By  BigJig Geoff

Has fishing been banned in the Manning River?  Could the MPFC be at an end?

Pictures just in show Marcus Copperi shortly after he is believed to have signed an agreement to ban fishing in the Manning River in return for Marcus being elected President of Australia.

Marcus Copperi, long known for his ambitions to rule the world of extreme fishing has recently been seen with many high profile politicians and hosted a large party aboard the Queen Mary II on the Manning River just last week.

The bloke in the middle of the picture, believed to be a high level official in the North American PeBE chapter, was heard to say that he "fully supported Copperi in his bid to become President".

At this stage details as to President of what are still sketchy.  Reporters are hoping to view the un-named MPFC member behind Marcus's left shoulder who obviously has some inside information, or is he just scratching his eye?


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