Hammah Head Maimed!

By  Hammah Head

With barely a week to go before the start of the 2014 MPFC, newcomer Hammah Head has almost been scratched from the competition. In the normal course of his work day, Hammah Head momentarily became "Hammah Thumb" which meant a trip to the hospital. After a consultation with the plastic surgeon his thumb was reassembled last weekend and he's back in the running. When interviewed last night his main concerns were that it was going to be difficult to hold a beer and a fishing rod with only one operational hand and rigging up will be impossible. Luckily his brother, the highly esteemed Mr. Mahi Mahi, is an expert knotsman and will oblige if and when Hammah Head loses his fishing rig. Despite crippling injury I'm sure Hammah Head will persevere and prove to be a competent angler this coming weekend.


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