Groper Gets Mentored by Mangrove

By Ronny Reuters OBE (MP)

As part of his ongoing charity work, 2010 Manning Point Fishing Classic Champion, Mangrove Mike, has taken 2013 Rookie, Groper Griffo, under his wing for some mentoring in the twin arts.

Groper, using the excuse of "it's my wedding", has taken Mangrove and his family to the beautiful waters of Fiji for some serious study. Despite Gropers best efforts he still forgot to put any sunscreen on and had to maintain high levels of fluids to dissipate the extreme sunburn he suffered.

Mangrove pointed out the finer points of "the wet bar" with help from Mrs Mangrove aka Blackfish Bax, Barnacle Bill, Kelpy Kel, Jellyfish Jude, Killer Kiels and a host of generous supporters.

Mangrove and Groper did also venture out for some fishing where the tips obviously worked and Groper came home with a nice Spanish Mackerel. Mangrove, ever the gentleman, allowed his catch to be half-eaten by a 8 foot barracuda so as to not upset his student. What a guy!

The wedding was also nice.



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