Fundraising for Manning Point

By Mangrove
Category: News

It’s been a hectic and eye opening few days helping clean up after the floods that tore through Manning Point a week ago.

We spent Thursday arvo, a big day on Friday and Saturday until about 2pm all at Werona caravan park. It had about 1.6 to 1.8m through everything so the majority of possessions had to be tossed. The boys did a brilliant job with some unbelievable locals and park owners. It was one van (and annex / permanent structure) after another. It was putrid, hot steamy work and the appreciation we were given was humbling.

Also humbling was Tsunami’s offer to kick in some money for the community. Bloody legend. Also the late night envelope drop of beer money for us all from someone who we helped clean out his van. It was a LOT of beer money.
So we’ve decided to put this money together with Tsunamis to donate to the community. In a couple of months they are having a fundraiser so we will put it together for that event. Stay tuned on timing and I might lean on you to make it a bigger donation on the day.


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