Former Champion Mangrove Mike in the spotlight

By Ronny Reuters OBE (MP)

Former MPFC Champion Mangrove Mike is increasing his profile with a series of targeted advertising ploys.
The latest effort involves his name on the back of legendary Newcastle Knights NRL star Willie Mason. Willie is proud as punch in having the legendary fishing champions name on his back allegedly saying "Mangrove's commitment to the twin arts of drinking and fishing has inspired me in my return to be the greatest NRL bloke ever seen. " Willie's NRL coach Wayne Bennett added his own thoughts "yep".
See Mangrove's name and Big Willie Mason run around today when the Knights tackle the NZ Warriors. Go Willie, go Mangrove.
Follow Mangrove on Twitter @mangrovemike, Willie @mase21 and Mangrove said to thank Sportsbet. 


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