Flathead Fill wins the Classic

By Ronny Reuters OBE (MP)
Flathead Fill left it to the last moment to win the 2012 Manning Point Fishing Classic. At 12:30 pm with 30 minutes to go, Flathead Fill followed a double flattie hookup by Carpfish and Mangrove, by bringing in a 61 cm lizard.
He just pipped Ganghook for the title on countback due to his capture of a flattie on the Pink Rod on Saturday arvo. Ganghook had a sterling tournament as did Mr Mahi Mahi and Haka Jo. Captain Bluering took home the Order of the Pink Rod and Fishin Phil won the social award. Mr Mahi Mahi, Haka Jo and Tsunami Col won the Team Award. Carpfish Kim won Rookie of the Year.



Part 1 A big thank you to Ronny for another fantastic event. I'm ready to enter the dates for MPFC 2013 into my BlackBerry. Special mention to Captain Bluering for his MasterChef impersonation - this was the icing on the cake as he was worthy of special thanks just for putting on 2 kegs.

Posted by Mr Mahi Mahi, 25/03/2012 8:25:35 pm

Part 2 Also, Fish'n Phil thank you for the lasagne. After already consuming meat from 9 different species I didn't think I could be tempted by any more protein. Then - along comes the Magic Burger (2 slices of white bread, a slab of lasagne finished off with BBQ bacon). This sandwich alone had me lining up for next year's event. Tight lines all, MMM (Mr Mahi Mahi)

Posted by Mr Mahi Mahi, 25/03/2012 8:25:53 pm

Ditto Mahi, another fantastic weekend away very honoured to be on the trophy... already have some great ideas to 'value add' for the 2013 trophy. My two boys were very impressed when I walked into the front door with Champion Hat, Trophy, and FISH!! Long may the classic reign. Maybe we can get a special guest appearance from Malcom N. next year....:-)

Posted by Flathead Fill, 25/03/2012 9:35:02 pm

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