Day Zero Wrap

By Ronny Reuters OBE (MP)
Day Zero was a ripper with the Opening Ceremony going off in great style on the lawn at Manning Point Manor with local celebrities and papparazzzzzzie in attendance.

Teams were officially presented with the tournament apparel and paraphernalia and the march past occurred with every fisher man except the Catfish who was very, very, very, very, very late.

Boats were launched and the Practice round was commenced. Captain Bluering was successful with a nice flattie as well as Barnacle hitting a smaller example.

Mangrove hooked as cracker then allowed it to pirouette across the roof of BigJigs boat Karisma and the slack netman Ganghook watched in amazement as it headed back to it’s aquatic home.

The team then headed off to the Manning Point Bowling Club so they could donate money to the raffles, but more importantly, to see BIG MAL COAD.

Locals were astonished with the high quality outfits of their celebrity fishmen and their witty repartee.

The man, BIG MAL, more than exceeded the crowds expectations with the stunning backdrop and the way he tackled Slim’s ‘Pub with No Beer’ had to heard to be appreciated. (He was sweaty though under the big lights).

The food was great as usual although it may have been over tumericed.

Then the fisherman returned to their bunker for some closed-door relaxation beyond the gaze of the general public.


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