Day 2 Wrap: Haka Jo Cleans Up

By Ronny Reuters OBE (MP)
No one was ever going to beat Haka Jo's big Saturday especially when he crowned it on Sunday with plenty of good fish including a 55cm flattie. It really was Haka and then a massive gap to anyone else. We didn't even bother to do the finally points tally because it would have been embarrassing. He had the biggest Jewie, three biggest whiting, biggest tailor, biggest two or three flattie, etc, etc, etc.
The fishing was sporadic over the whole weekend. You would have nothing for hours then crack a few in a 15 minute period. The (fantastic) condition of the river may have had something to do with it as well as the mass of bait fish everywhere.
A few of teams spent more time swimming in the beautiful clear water than actually fishing. Mangrove looking particularly good in his (Tuffys) undies. The weather was superb as was the great meal at Harrigans at Harrington.
The Saturday BBQ went well. Eight trays of meat from the Bowling Club raffles was entree'd by Mr Mahi Mahi's Chicken Wings and Marinated Octopus. Tsunami Col again supplied a superb salad and great garlic bread. The Captain's beer washed it all down into the wee hours when even a game of Jenga broke out. Thanks also to The Beards for a great soundtrack for the night. Next year, beards will be compulsory!
The teams for the weekend were:
Groper and Barra
Mangrove, Ganghook and Sir James
Fishin', The Captain, Tsunami and Marlin
BigJig, Sleepy Phil, Eagle Ray Eddy and Kneptune
Swampman, Riverboat and Mudguts
Mr Mahi Mahi, Haka Jo and Hammah Head
The team award went to Mr Mahi Mahi's boat that included Haka Jo and Hammah Head. Hammah Head also took out the Rookie of the Year with consistent catches. The Social Award went to Swampman Simo for his enthusiastic efforts well into each night (and to shut him up). The Order of the Pink Rod was awarded to Kneptune for a record second time.
Thanks very much to all competitors. Special thanks goes to Captain Bluering for his help and cracker beers and BigJig for organisation advise and cleaning up. Fishin' Phil did a great job again with the showbag. Thanks also to Mahi Mahi and Tsunami for food contributions and to Ganghook in great help cleaning up. I'd also like to thank Jayro Tackle and Rapala for their sponsorship and the Telligence Team.
I had fun and I hope you all did as well. Signing off to 2014.
Tight lines,
Ronny Reuters


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