Day 2 Wrap

By Ronny Reuters OBE (MP)

Day 2 started off early with the teams heading to the water by 8:30 am. There was almost a ramp rage incident when Captain Blue Ring jumped the queue in front of Ganghook then didn't get off the ramp for 15 minutes as they were not ready to get the boat in - where's your winch handle!

Mangrove and Team Jarvis Walker headed upstream again in search of more flatties. Fish 'n' Fil also headed up that way and Catfish Col started to pick up a few nice bream. Mangrove's luck had changed and no more big flatties were to be caught.

The Pink Rod was passed from team to team with great success particularly at the breakwater hole where the water was teaming with Bream, Darts, Mullet plus lots more. It was like a giant aquarium, reflecting the health of the Manning River. In fact, although we didn't catch lots of big fish on the Saturday and Sunday most fisherman caught lots of undersized bream, tailor and flatties all in stunning condition.

Stingray picked up a couple of keeper bream and Catfish Col took out the round with a couple of bream and a flathead. Mangrove had an exciting fight in the last hour of something big, possibly a ray. Fishing on very light gear the boys on Team Jarvis Walker had to chase the prey in the boat as it was heading up the river only to lose it in the last few metres of line.

Mangrove was disappointed but with the other crews heading to the boat ramp he already had the title wrapped up with his big flathead haul on the Friday and the largest bream (caught on the Pink Rod). Catfish Col was awarded with second prize and Team Telligence (Fishin' Phil, Ganghook Gibbo and Catfish Col) taking the Team Award - entirely due to Catfish's consistent catches. Team 'Team Daiwa' boosted (or negated) by the Cowling Boys had a shocker although Captain Bluering did win the Social Award due his great beer making skills. BigJig now must be an off-shore fisherman and has lost his estuary skills!

Codfish received the Order of the Pink Rod (by default).

Thanks to all competitors in 2010, winners and losers alike. It was a great tournament and muchly enjoyed. Thanks very much to Jarvis Walker - the Rod and Reel combo went to Mangrove Mike and also thanks to Daiwa for the collection of lures that went to runner up Catfish Col. Thanks also to Telligence for monetary sponsorship and all the website resources. Start practising for 2011!


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