Day 1 Wrap

By Ronny Reuters OBE (MP)

Haka Jo has one hand on the trophy after a sterling day on the Manning. He started with a few nice whiting and followed with a 50cm flattie.  The day, however, was crowned golden when he landed a 75cm jewie after a good 10 minute fight around the oyster leases.

Mangrove's team which included Ganghook and Sir James had a few keepers but it was in fits and spurts. Fishin's team spent most of the time with the new 'silver' pink rod which they broke. Swampman later donated a new pink rod to the cause.

The weather was fantastic, the river was so clean and beautiful (not the best for fishing) and a great day was had by all. The lunch at Harrigans was superb - we would be happy to eat there for every meal.

Barra pickup up his first two keeper fish on lures - guided by Groper who taught him all his tricks. Sleepy Phil was on BigJigs boat and lived up to his name with a good 90 minute afternoon nap. Eagle Ray Eddy caught a fish on the pink rod - but not a keeper.






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