Day 1 Photos

By Ronny Reuters OBE (MP)

The teams were split up and sent out onto the water.

Sailfin's team of Mangrove and Captain Bluering were straight into it - both The Captain and Sailfin getting near-identical 47cm flatties.

BigJig and Saltwater just puttered around. Fishin and Ganghook also had some success with some weird species caught.

Mr Mahi Mahi and Hammah Head were as usual plentiful - mainly up the river. Mudguts and Swampman mad sure they wouldn't get lost with hi-vis jackets over the top of their comp shirts.

Lunch at Harrigans was, as usual, absolutely fantastic.

The afternoon session was touched by intermittant rain and the afternoon BBQ took place under cloudy and misty skys but all had a great time.

The Pink Rod got some serious upgrades late at night and Hammah Head did his best work in acheiving nomination for the Dougie.


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