Day 1 - Super Saturday

By Ronny Reuters OBE (MP)

Saturday dawned far too early and it was the keen team of Mr Mahi Mahi (MMM, Haka Jo and Tsunami) who took to the water first. The other teams trickled out - Fishin Phil (with Ganghook, and Sir James) were off next followed by Team Karisma skippered by Big Jig with Captain Bluering, Roughy Rod and Hookem Hales. Flathead Fill's team which included Mangrove, Barra and Carpfish Kim headed up river to set a few crab traps.  Marlin Macca and Kneptune set up with Prawnstar about 2 hours later!

For most teams pickings were very slim in the morning session and most were ready to stop and have lunch at Harrigans Pub at Harrington. Great beer, great food and a very nice place to be.
The afternoon session saw Ganghook hooked a very nice 61 cm flattie and a whole heap of paper that he called flounder. The Saturday BBQ was a quiet affair due to the massive amounts of meat consumed and the general tiedness due to a big day. Special thanks to Tsunami Col for his great salads and breads and for Captain and Fishin for again taking over chefs duty.


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