Day 0 and Day 1 Wrap

By Ronny Reuters OBE (MP)

Day 0 started early and the competition officially started at 3 pm. In an amazing rush, there were three fish reported in the first one minute.

Then Mangrove went of a 30 minute rampage, equally split between re-rigging his Evil Minnows and catching flatties. The crowning glory was a 67 cm, 1.1 kg lizard which catapulted him into the lead. So many fish were captured that Fish 'n' Fil had to be towed back to Manning Point (thanks Kneptune and Stingray). It was only a battery problem and of course BigJig had a charger so all was fixed overnight.

Friday night at the Manning Point Bowling Club was equally successful with the boys picking up 11 meat trays and the respect of the local members. The youngest member (with exception permit 677653777, never to be issued again) Jellyfish Joe also had great success at the chocolate machine.

The teams adjurned to Manning Point Manor for the release of the Manning Point Draught Beer by master brewer, Captain Blue Ring. The beer was well accepted by all and a late night session commenced Jenga including the newly invented eXtreme Jenga.

Riverboat Rastus had to leave early on Saturday and take little Jellyfish back to civilisation.

Super Saturday started quietly and continued like that most of the day. Team Jarvis Walker (Stingray, Kneptune and Mangrove) easily won the first Team Round with three fish. Team Team Daiwa (BigJig, Captain Blue Ring and Codfish - and later Stillwater) had a dismal day. Team Telligence (Fishin Phil, Ganghook, Catfish) picked up a nice flattie by Catfish on the Pink Rod and a dubious Octopus (alleged). Round Two was given to Team Telligence on countback with Team Jarvis Walker a bit disappointed but happy with their catches.

Morning Tea was held at the Waterbird Restaurant and lunch was altered to be at Manning Point Manor because we won so many meat trays.

Saturday concluded with the ritual BBQing of all caught fish and the Meat Trays. A small delegation team then headed around to the Manning Point Bowling Club for a presentation to Ken the barman of a MPFC 2010 Shirt, adorned with 'Refreshment Engineer'.


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