Catfish survives tsunami

By  Fishing Phil

Catfish Col has hit international headlines with his amazing escape from a tsunami in Indonesia this week.

Catfiish Col and some of his long time friends were secretly fishing in Indonesian waters during the MPFC off-season as they were honing their skills catching large pelagis in waters off Mentawai Island.

After a hard day's fishing Catfish had just slammed down a prize winning fish onto the table which caused a 7.7 Ritcher Earthquake just off North Pagai Island, in the Mentawai Islands in Indonesia. With nothing but a  pair of shoes and the shirt on his back, Catfish Col and his fishing buddies fled to a nearby Temple to escape the massive white wall of water as it roared onto the island smashing the tiny resort village into a million pieces.

In the article below, please substitute all references of "surfing" with "fishing"



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