Black Sheep Brewery Saves MPFC in Billion Dollar Sponsorship Deal

By  BigJig Geoff

One of Yorkshires oldest breweries has stepped in at the last minute to save the MPFC. Black Sheep Breweries of Masham, brewers of' Riggwelter', one of the worlds finest beers, has stepped in to save the Manning Point Fishing Contest.

'Uncle' Dan Murphys' of Greenhills, Australia (NSW Finest Grog Emporium and Asia Pacific distributors of Black Sheep Beers) are secretly arranging transport of 1000 barrels of Riggwelter to Manning Point RSL in time for the gala opening on September 9th.

Marcus Copperi, concluding late night negotiations with 'Uncle Dans' said that "Riggwelter originates from the Old Norse: rigg-back and velte - to overturn. When a sheep is on its back and cannot get up without help, local Yorkshire dialect says it is rigged or riggwelted.

Riggwelter is a full flavoured strong Yorkshire ale brewed using the unusual Yorkshire Square fermentation system. The result is a well balanced, deep chestnut coloured ale.

With it's distinctive roast malt, Golding hops and banana fruit aromas, Riggwelter has a strong and refreshingly dry finish of hops and roasted barley malt."

Sources from the FBI, CIA, Interpol and the WI have indicated that Mangrove Mike is suspected of involvement in this deal in an attempt to gain the gold medal in the forthcoming fishing competition.

When questioned about this allegation, Mangrove Mikes' manager declined to comment, saying that Mike has "No preferences with beers - He'll drink anything".


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