BigJig in doubt

By Ronny Reuters OBE (MP)
There has been some concern lately for the health of BigJig Geoff. In a recent report on last nights MPFC TV Tournament Roundup, ace reporter Jodi Mackay, relayed a report from the local GP, Dr Strangelove, that BigJig had been visiting yesterday afternoon with a strange toothache.

However, these reports appear be wildly incorrect!  This morning I interviewed BigJigs personal physician / lobbyist and close friend, Dr Brian Burke.

Ronny: "Dr Bourke, is there any strength in these rumours about BigJig"
Brian Burke: "No, no, no, these rumours are all false, I accepted no money from BigJig and Kevin Rudd was not there".
Ronny: "No, I meant about his health"
Brian: "Health. Well that's a different story. He's as strong as an Ox. He'll be right, mate. Lovely bloke, that BigJig. You can get a good bet on him now"
Ronny: "Thanks for that Brian. Anything else to say"
Brian: "No.... Do I get paid for this".

Well, that says it all - BigJig is a certain starter.


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