Barra's grog blog

By  Barra Bourke


that life giving nector of the gods.  For this I will follow up my virgin blog of 2011 with second ever blog.  Barra has recently undergone a transformation of epic proportions.  In an effort to hit the MPFC at sailfish speed (under the guise of Worlds Greatest Shave) Barra now more resembles a stonefish (see photo below).  Barra was rumoured to be heard to say "This Classic is my best chance yet.  With this rawbone I feel like a winner already".  Bring it on!



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Looks excellent Barra. It's like the old Chinese proverb "a bone in the head is worth two in the pocket"................... Hang on, I'm not sure about that now.

Posted by Ronny Reuters OBE (MP), 26/03/2014 10:05:52 pm

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