2013 Competition Wrap

By Ronny Reuters OBE (MP)


The 2013 Manning Point Fishing Classic started in beautiful conditions on Friday. Mangrove, Fishin and Ganghook were on the water early and were reward with a good haul that was consistent throughout the day. Groper even had his team mate Kneptune catching fish so by the end of the day there was a big feed of fish.
At 5:30pm the official proceedings began with the Welcome by Ronny Reuters and the presentation of Shirts, Hats and the Show Bags. Rookies received their shirts from last years Champion Flathead Fill. Flathead also did a great upgrade to the trophy.
The Show Bags were great and had some great gear from our sponsors Rapala and Okuma. 
The fishermen sampled some of the Captains latest brew and headed off en-masse to the Manning Point Bowling Club for refreshments, raffles, team tactics and the longest wait for food in the world. The club really needs to sort their food caters out. Riverboat Rastus gave them some advice.
The good news is we won plenty of meat trays and some of boys who gamble had some good wins.
Saturday started off in perfect conditions. Groper Griffo lost a championship winning fish in about the first 15 minutes and blamed his "net boy" Mangrove, although to be fair to Mangrove, the flathead was still two metres away from the boat. Most teams had a relatively quiet morning but Mr Mahi Mahi, Haka Jo and Ganghook already had half a dozen fish in the well by lunchtime. Fishin' Phil's boat Fish 'n' Fil once again had a bizarre motor issue.
Lunch was at Harrigans at Harrington as it has been for the last few years. The food and service was again absolutely superb. If you are in the area do yourself a favour and have a meal there - you won't be disappointed.
Saturday afternoon's fishing session continued much the same as the morning with Team Mahi Mahi hammering the fish - Mr Mahi Mahi was even throwing them back!
This reporter saw the biggest flathead in his life as Groper Griffo hooked up, immediately claiming to have the comp in the bag. Sadly for Groper, this flattie of about 1.1 to 1.2 metres (!!!!) didn't make it to the boat - worst still giving Groper and teammate Mangrove a great look at it before casually spitting the lure. Groper blamed his "net boy". The Manning is in good shape with crackers like this about.
The Saturday night BBQ was bountiful due to MMM's Buffalo Wings and then the meat trays from the raffles. Thanks also to Tsunami for the great salads. Groper drank his sorrows and Swampman and Riverboat kept trading jokes of the highest order. Captains brew was consumed throughout the night and both Jenga and some gambling games made an appearance among some competitors (who we shall not name). 
Sunday morning was blown out by a big southerly and the smart fishermen used this time to prepare for the official presentations.
Mr Mahi Mahi won the classic narrowly from Captain Bluering - MMM continuous haul game him a heap of points that not even the Captains large flattie could overcome. Mahi Mahi's semi-local knowledge came to the fore this weekend and he was cracking them left, right and centre.
Mr Mahi Mahi's team with Ganghook and Haka Jo won the Team event. Groper picked up Rookie of the Year. Haka Jo picked up the "Dougie" - The Social Award - for his late night work. The Pink Rod was always going to be BigJig's who set a record for the amount of time the rod has been held.
Thanks to everyone who came to the event, the fishermen, the helpers, the organisers. See you all in 2014.


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