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Monday 29th August 2005
By Ronny Reuters OBE (MP)
The big guns are confirming for the Classic.

Confirmed starters are:
  • Fishing Phil
  • Ganghook Gibbo
  • Mangrove Mike
  • Catfish Col
  • Barnacle Barry
  • Big Jig Geoff (awaiting final confirmation)
Images of these reclusive characters can be found

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Wednesday 27th July 2005
By Ronny Reuters OBE (MP)
In the build up to the Classic, the new website has been launched. The Bid Committe thank the development team of 200 for their great effort.

"Be sure to come back during the event for updates to the site" said Marcus Copperi (Head of the Bid Committe).  These guys know what there doing with the bits and stuff and other things".

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Thursday 9th September 2004
By Ronny Reuters OBE (MP)
The head of the Manning Point Fishing Classic organisation committee, Marcus Copperi, has said today that all the preparations for the Classic are on track.

"We are one year out and everything looks fine. We had a visit from the International Committee of Poissons et boisson extrêmes and

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Sunday 1st August 2004
By Ronny Reuters OBE (MP)
As part of the international extreme fishing circuit, Manning Point has been announced as the winner of the bid for the Australian location by the peak extreme fishing body, Poissons et boisson extrêmes.

In an announcement reminiscent of the famous gaffe when he was president of the Olympic 

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