Your 2024 Champion

By Mangrove

Lucky Lachie has won the 2024 Manning Point Fishing Classic in a tightly run affair. 

In a weekend where the fish came in spits and spurts, Lucky got a few nice flatties and a bream, but more importantly, 4 muddies including a world record sized one*. 

Ganghook was solid all weekend and Sailfin also caught some good fish. Haka as usual cracked plenty but the rules community turned to, well, the rules, which say you must blog your catches. All others put their catches on the event chat. 

Team Catch and Kill of Lucky, Jerkbait and Mangrove won the team award for some average fishing, fantastic crabs, best on board BBQ food, repetitive Country Music, biggest fish (released before landing) and the best boat ramp entertainment. It also was in the top two boats this author was on over the weekend  

* Similar to the world record sized flathead lost by Mangrove when it was alongside the boat. Possibly 1.2-1.8m as verified by Lucky**

** Probably not true but it would have been a Championship record. I think. 


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