Has the blog bubble burst?

By  BigJig Geoff

Officials concerned by the lack of blogs for this years event have begun analysis of MPFC classics going back over a hundred years.

Initial results confirm that so far this year there has been exactly one blog recorded. When combined with recent events around the world and multiplied by the the Mayfield Beer Index, this indicates that this years classic could be very dry indeed.

One of the little known founding members of PEBE, Lord 'Kitchener' Lamprey is so concerned about the possibility of a dry classic that he has briefly returned to public life in an attempt to resurrect the old fashioned blog.

Lamprey, last seen in June 1916 when he commandeered the British warship HMS Hampshire for a spot of deep water fishing off the Orkneys has commissioned a motivational poster to try and encourage the entrants to the current classic to blog more.

Speaking briefly with a large whisky in one hand and his trusty reel in the other, Lamprey bemoaned the state of modern competitors.  'Back in the glory days of PEBE, contestants would get up before they went to bed, win the 'Pêcheur de Respect Elevé' trophy and finish off at least half a flaggon before breakfast. These modern fishers drinking tea and in bed by ten are a disgrace. No wonder the blog ratio is so low.'

Will the blog ratio improve?  Will The Captains beer be wasted (again)?


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