Ganghook Gibbo Suspended from MPFC

By  BigJig Geoff

Ganghook Gibbo has been suspended from the Manning Point Fishing Classic following allegations that he was in fact using a live dolphin and not a cow for bait.

As this picture clearly shows, the cow was just an innocent spectator and not bait as stated in an earlier press release.

James Squire, recently freed by Neptune and returning to his position as Chief of Scales has urged all competitors not to use live dolphins for bait. "It is fine to use dead dolphins, but please do not use live ones." he said earlier.

A crisis teleconference of the remaining competitors has been arranged by the event chairman, Marcus Copperi.  Marcus is currently flying back from the UK on Barnacle Barrys private Boeing 747 after succesful negotiations with the new major sponsors of the event, Black Sheep Brewery of Masham.

It is not known yet if Ganghook will be expelled from the competition as no precedence for this action has been set.


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