Day One Wrap

By Ronny Reuters OBE (MP)

Day One started with with overcast conditions and the teams ready to attach the estuaries of the Manning River.

Big Jig picked up an early whiting but the news wasn't so good for Team White. A boating malfunction meant that the competitors had to fish from the baths for the first half of the day. But this turned to a great advantage when Ganghook picked up a whiting and a flathead.

Fishing Phil got a new battery into Team Whites boat in time to head off to the Harrington Hotel for a sponsorship commitment.

The teams headed back to  collect Mullet McLean who was stopped at customs and his boogy board cover was searched. After confirming that no illegal substances (fish) were in his possession, he was allowed out of the Manning Point Airport. On the way, Barnacle was stopped by a nice man from NSW Maritime Services who game some tips on locations of fish.

Late in the day, Catfish picked up a flathead to rival Barnacles, and Team White took the honours for the day.

The day ended with a beach fishing session where the competitors let their hair down and decided to catch no fish. (But there was some great casting)

Late Mail: Allegations of fiddling of the oneline Polls have been made against Barnacle Barry. The investigations was under way.


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