Day 2 - the Winner

By Ronny Reuters OBE (MP)

The Winner takes it all, the Loser's standing tall. No he wasn't - Fishin Phil had the acceptance speech written and was being proof-read by Mangrove, when Ganghook Gibbo, in front of a packed Waterbird Restaurant, cracked a winning flathead 15 minutes from the end of the tournament. Fishin showed true MPFC style by helping Ganghook land the fish with his "net boy" role. Ironically the fish fell off the hook in the net and when Ganghook retrieved the hook, it fell off the line. I guess it was meant to be!

The location was selected by Mangrove after commenting that he mainly caught fish just across the road from Manning Point Manor, so an hour out from the end of the classic, Team Zeta Blue gave it a try. Mangrove very quickly picked up a Black Fish but after Fishin Phil caught a bream and absolved his Pink Rod role, Mangrove then took over the Pink Rod and held it until the end of the tournament.

Jewfish Joe picked up a cracker of a bream that came close to winning, Ganghook and Fishin also got some other bream from the leases but the Teams Red were fish-less.

Salute your champion, Ganghook Gibbo.



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