Day 0 Wrap

By Ronny Reuters OBE (MP)

Day 0 was thre practice and research round of the 2006 Manning Point Fishing Classic.

All catches count towards the individual awards but not the team awards. Good catches were made by Big Jig and Mangrove Mike, each with nice flatheads. Fishing Phil caught a nice bream, but the catch of the day was a great flathead by the reigning champion Barnacle Barry.

The teams were drawn out of the hat with the following results:

Team Blue
Barnacle Barry (Skipper)
Mangrove Mike
D-Train Cousteau
BigJig Geoff

Team White
Fishing Phil (Skipper)
Ganghook Gibbo
Catfish Col
Mullet McLean

The official opening ceremony was held at the Manning Point Bowling Club where the competitors were introduced to the local crowd.  Although at times the competitors were approached by zealous members of the general public, they responded with appropriate advice and tips.






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