About the Classic

The Manning Point Fishing Classic is the Australian leg of the Poissons et boisson extrêmes extreme fishing tour.

The tour pits an invitation collection of notorious fishers, known for their extreme dedication to the twin arts of fishing and drinking.

These characters typically have shady pasts, but in often a surprise to most involved, maintain a lucrative lifestyle of international fishing.

Crowds typically flock to the tournaments to catch a glimpse of these famous individuals and their approach to the twin arts.

Manning Point was selected as the Australian leg of the tour after a fierce battle with Gold Coast and Melbourne. The pristine nature of the Manning and the professional nature of the bid team ensured that the event was brought to Manning Point.

Manning Point Fishing Classic Trophy

The Trophy

Part of the glory in winning the Manning Point Fishing Classic is the awarding of the Champions Trophy. It is the perogative of the winner to upgrade the trophy as they see fit and over the years the trophy has grown to the glorious momument it now is.

About Poissons et boisson extrêmes
Poissons et boisson extrêmes was established in the 15th century in the lakes of Geneva. The organisation over the years established an international foothold due to it's highly celebrated gatherings.  Reaching the highlands of Scotland in 1788, portions of the cult moved to Australian in the Fourth Fleet.

For many years an underground group, Poissons et boisson extrêmes has recently been popularised in Hollywood film and is enjoying a surge in both crowds and sponsorships.