2007 Approved Applicants

The following fishers have been approved for the 2007 Manning Point Fishing Classic:


BigJig Geoff (Confirmed)

Nationality  Anti Piscean
History Reigning world MPFC champion.

Recently turned down an offer by the Japanese whaling commission to advise on catch techniques.  Those minnows arnt worth catching arrrhh.

Currently developing the perfect keel hauling technique for all yah scurvies on the opposition.
Previous Entrant  2005 (Top 6 finish), 2006 Champion
Referrees  Don't need one
Preferred Team  Team Karisma
Approvers Comments After his reputation of large lines, large hooks and large reels, we thought that we'd seen it all with BigJig. Of course, we were wrong.

Last years Champion caught the winning fish with, what can only be described as, a banquet of bait. The prawn-mullet-squid-plastic combination was unique like BigJig himself and an enticing meal for the winning flattie.

We wait to see what more he can offer. There is news a large liner, set to rival the Larry Ellison boat "Rising Sun" (see here).  Bring on Karisma.

Barnacle Barry (Confirmed and Paid)

Nationality Czech
History  Too long to be recorded here
Previous Entrant  2005 (Winner), 2006
Referrees  Marcus Copperi
Preferred Team  None
Approvers Comment As the winner of the 2005 Classic, Barnacle Barry's approval was never in doubt although the ongoing allegations of fishing on Chinese laundries has still not been resolved.

Very confident, gallant and somewhat strange, Barnacle will lay down a big challenge in 2007.


Gang Hook Gibbo (Confirmed)

Nationality Ausbloodystralian
History Refer to websites:
Previous Entrant  2005 (Top 6 finish), 2006 (Top 8 finish)
Referrees  Steve Irwin
Preferred Team  None
Approvers Comments Unlucky the last two outings at Manning Point with equipment failure and poor bait selection stopping huge wins

He had one hand on the 2006 Tour trophy before being cruelly beaten in the last event.

The claims and counter-claims made during the off-season are sure to steel Ganghook for a big 2007 season.

Fishing Phil (Confirmed)

Nationality  True Blue Aussie
History Slaughtered many a fish aaarrrggghhh!
Previous Entrant  2005 (Equal 2nd - disputed), 2006
Referrees Rex Hunt
Preferred Team  Team Fish 'n' Fil
Approvers Comments "As a founding member of the Poissons et Boisons Extreme events I feel that it is within your interests to accept my application also because I have a boat." - What more can we say!

We think the 2007 Classic will be a critical event for Fishin - does he sink or does he swim ?


Mangrove Mike (Confirmed)

Nationality  German
History  Under 12's Champion of Champions 1972 (age 8)
Previous Entrant  2005 (Top 6 finish), 2006 (Top 8 finish)
Referrees  Can stand the cheating bast#$%$#ds
Preferred Team  Team Earth
Approvers Comments Mud Sticks - especially when it's mangrove mud. Despite a lack of comments from the man himself, Mangrove was embroiled in a series of allegations in 2006 which culminated the the last event where he allegedly intentionally rammed his boat into series leader, Ganghook Gibbo, so that his loosely related cousin, Punxsutawney Phil, picked up the last catch of the event to win the series.

Despite a detailed investigation by Poissons et boisson extrêmes , somehow Mangrove escaped any penalty; some suspect his horde of Middle African uranium mines and related charities may have influenced the investigators.

D-Train Cousteau (CANCELLED)

Nationality  French
History D-Train was born on June 11, 1910, in Saint-André-de-Cubzac (Gironde) in France. He entered the naval academy in 1930, was graduated and became a gunnery officer. Then, while he was training to be a pilot, a serious car accident ended his aviation career. So it was the ocean that would win this adventurer's soul. In 1936, near the port of Toulon, he went swimming underwater with goggles. It was a breath-taking revelation.

Seeking a way to explore underwater longer and more freely, he developed, with engineer Emile Gagnan, the Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus, or scuba, in 1943, and the world under the sea was opened up to human beings. After World War II, Eckersley, along with naval officer Philippe Tailliez and diver Frédéric Dumas, became known as the " mousquemers " (" musketeers of the sea ") as they carried out diving experiments in the sea and laboratory. In 1950, Calypso, a former mine-sweeper, was modified into an oceanographic vessel, endowed with instruments for diving and scientific research, and the great adventure began. She and her crews explored the seas and rivers of the world for the next four decades.

Previous Entrant  No

Philippe Tailliez

Preferred Team  None
Approvers Comments A well known "artist of the sea", D-Train has assisted Poissons et Boissons Extreme over a number of years, donating his services to the cause.

His aquatic past will ensure that he will be highly competitive and we are graced with his presence yet again.

There has been some concern that his recent re-location to Bum-boy City would take his mind off the water arts. We are yet to find out.

Can he catch any fish - probably not.

Catfish Col (Confirmed)

Nationality Pesce Gatto

Bagged at least 25 last year .... schooners, that is

Catfish's famous motto aways rings true:  "every hour of fishing adds another hour to your life".

Previous Entrant  Yes


Preferred Team  None
Approvers Comments He's like a Tsunami - you only hear about them when they're happening. ... and this time of year is when Catfish is happening.

And like a Tsunami where no one could spell it until we got a big one, kids at schools throughout the world could spell Catfish Col until he became famous by catching a big one.

Welcome back Catfish, and don't forget to bring plenty of stuff - we've hired a semi-trailer for you this year.

Captain Blue Ring (Confirmed)

Nationality  English
History Came over from the mother country in a convict ship with the First Fleet, then escaped the convict camps, stole a few sheep and hid in caves for a few years.
Previous Entrant  No
Referrees  The biggest Catch will be mine !!!!
Preferred Team None
Approvers Comments Who is this Blue Ring?

This newcomer to the world of extreme fishing is an enigma, he claims to have won first place in most extreme fishing competitions, yet no photos or records exist.  No one we can find has even met him or even knows someone who has met him.

Try googling blue ring - nothing - a few articles about octopii and wedding rings, but nothing about this years most serious challenger for the fishing worlds most coveted trophy.

PeBE contacted the FBI, MI6, Mossad, the Mafia and even James Bond.  No one knows anything it seems.

Tasmanian division reporter James Squire was sent to investigate.

Hours later, James returned, dirty and bruised.  He managed to whisper 'click here'  before being taken to Manning Point Manor for an emergency pint or three.

Why Blue Ring insists on being called Captain and why there are no known records of him is suddenly clear.

Blue Ring, his dilapidated space craft lying wrecked at an undisclosed location somewhere in Mayfield, needs the power of the MPFC trophy to return to his homeland.  This years challenge now looks set to be the biggest ever.

Welcome to MPFC '07 Blue Ring.


Stillwater Steve (Confirmed)

Nationality  Strine
History When I was 3, I caught a fish in my undies.
Previous Entrant  No
Referrees Marcus Copperi (through monetary transactions)
Preferred Team  None
Approvers Comments He's just so very, very quiet. Very quiet.  The story below will give you an indication of his technique.

"A fly will waft slowly above the pond as a ripple forms below. Stillwater Steve will not flicker.

The ripple gets larger and faster, closer to its prey. Stillwater Steve will not move.

The fin breaks the surface, the only sound in this quiet backwater. Stillwater Steve won't bat an eyelid.

The trout arches its body through the air, turns and rolls as it heads towards the fly, oblivious to its impending doom.  Stillwater Steve moves slightly.

As the fish crashes its jaws around the insect, there is a deadly silence before it hits the water. Stillwater shuffles ... and then carefully, so very carefully, raises his rig and times his three-iron perfectly so the fishes' head comes clean off.  He gently crouches down picks up the carcase and giggles to himself as he wanders off to the next hole."

This extension of technique and glory of the kill is why he is approved and we are sure he'll spice up the 2007 Classic.


Stingray Smithy (Confirmed)

Nationality  Australia
History 2001-2005 Pipeline Master Angler, 1972 Underage champion, Stockton Masters.
Previous Entrant  No
Referrees Mangrove
Preferred Team  None
Approvers Comments Stingray Smithy - well, what can we say when we are privileged to welcome such a famous angler.

The man who put the barb into barbeque,  Stingray knows when to attack and when to just sit back.

At home on the beach he is a regular participant in the Poissons et Boisson Extrêmes off-season X-Games where he is famous for pulling into a barrel at Pipeline while simultaneously long-lining for barracuda.

Welcome to the classic, Stingray.