2006 Accepted Applicants

The following fishers have been approved for the 2006 Manning Point Fishing Classic:


Barnacle Barry

Nationality  Classified
History  Too long to be recorded here
Previous Entrant  2005 (Winner)
Referrees  ET
Preferred Team  None
Approvers Comment As the winner of the 2005 Classic, Barnacle Barry's approval was never in doubt although the incident late in 2005 at a Turkish bath house did give us some concern.

A true showman, Barry laughed it all off in a style that was truly Howard-esque.


Gang Hook Gibbo

Nationality  Australasian
History Refer to websites:
Previous Entrant  2005 (Top 6 finish)
Referrees  The bloke at the warf
Preferred Team  Alpha
Approvers Comments Gang Hook had a lazy 2005 season, picking and choosing his tournaments at his convenience. As the Manning Point Classic was one of those graced by his presence, we only see fit to include him again.

Fishing Phil

Nationality  Austrailain
History Slaughtered many a fish aaarrrggghhh!
Previous Entrant  2005 (Equal 2nd - disputed)
Referrees Bill Harrigan
Preferred Team  Alpha
Approvers Comments Fishing Phil had a solid 2005 season, picking up second place in MPFC last year. Allegations of huge sting ray hookups were tarnished by the lost of fishing equipment.

We think the 2006 Classic will be a big one for Fishing


Mangrove Mike

Nationality  German
History  Under 12's Champion of Champions 1972 (age 8)
Previous Entrant  2005 (Top 6 finish)
Referrees  Barnacle Bill (Magic Pudding fame)
Preferred Team  Alpha
Approvers Comments The enigma!  He looks so good on paper, the rumours are rife, the internet reeks of stories about him, but alas we have seen little of the infamous prowess.

The 2005 Classic was thrown in turmoil when Mangrove hooked onto the biggest catch of the tournament, but then in-explicably cut his line as it raced away. Maybe a humanitarian action (as shown by the help at New Orleans last year) or maybe he was worried that Pelican would be a bugger to scale and gut. Who knows ?   We expect big things.


BigJig Geoff

Nationality  Unknown
History Under Winner of the 2005 Manning Point Fishing Classic.

Loser of the late night Jenga Comp.

Previous Entrant  2005 (Top 6 finish)
Referrees  No Thanks
Preferred Team  None
Approvers Comments If you need a 2kg line, BigJig will use 50kg. Why use three ganghooks when 10 could do the job better. Buy a couple of beers, BigJig will turn up with a trailer load.  BigJig is dedicated to the ideals of Poissons et Boissons Extreme.

His playboy lifestyle of casinos, motor racing, movie premieres and Monte Carlo hotels, always brings glamour to the Extreme Fishing circuit. Welcome back, BigJig!


D-Train Cousteau

Nationality  Australia
History D-Train was born on June 11, 1910, in Saint-André-de-Cubzac (Gironde) in France. He entered the naval academy in 1930, was graduated and became a gunnery officer. Then, while he was training to be a pilot, a serious car accident ended his aviation career. So it was the ocean that would win this adventurer's soul. In 1936, near the port of Toulon, he went swimming underwater with goggles. It was a breath-taking revelation.

Seeking a way to explore underwater longer and more freely, he developed, with engineer Emile Gagnan, the Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus, or scuba, in 1943, and the world under the sea was opened up to human beings. After World War II, Eckersley, along with naval officer Philippe Tailliez and diver Frédéric Dumas, became known as the " mousquemers " (" musketeers of the sea ") as they carried out diving experiments in the sea and laboratory. In 1950, Calypso, a former mine-sweeper, was modified into an oceanographic vessel, endowed with instruments for diving and scientific research, and the great adventure began. She and her crews explored the seas and rivers of the world for the next four decades.

Previous Entrant  No

Philippe Tailliez

Preferred Team  None
Approvers Comments A well known "artist of the sea", D-Train has assisted Poissons et Boissons Extreme over a number of years, donating his services to the cause.
His aquatic past will ensure that he will be highly competitive and we are graced with his presence.

Catfish Col

Nationality Aussie as a redneck Cronulla rioter

In a period of 2 & 1/2 days (count Friday night session as a 1/2day), caught 3 fish in last year's Classic and threw all of them back. Never in the hunt for the trophy.

Could only console himself to the fact that "every hour of fishing adds another hour to your life".

Previous Entrant  Yes

Fishing Phil

Preferred Team  Gammy
Approvers Comments Catfish Col brings a lot to the Classic..... I mean, he really brings a lot - food, drink, rods, sensible things.
His skill around the bars, raffles and general boat sense ensured that Catfish was in no doubt in being accepted back to the Classic.

Mullet McLean

Nationality Aussie

Began fishing at the tender age of 18 months (fishing for golliwogs up my nose)and now have achieved the piscatorial pinnacle of having caught every type of catfish known to man, both by hook and by hand!  Most successful fishing trip however was when I caught a fishing rod.

Previous Entrant  No

Mangrove Mike and Gang-Hook Gibbo

Preferred Team  Gammy
Approvers Comments A rarely seen and highly credentialed angler, Mullet is an big unknown for the 2006 Classic.

He has a reputation of catching the most extravagent fish, but his diving background raises concern that his catches are not all legal. In fact his admission of catching a fishing rod may support this claim.

His dangerous reputation and love of dark beers  makes him an ideal entrant for the Manning Point Fishing Classic.