Manning Point Fishing Classic, Extreme Fishing Competition, Australia

Hammah Head

17th February 2014
The brother of 2013 Champ, Mr Mahi Mahi, what does Hammah Head have to offer. Well, in 2014 he did well, finishing in the Top 20 despite a broken thumb.


Nationality  Aussie
History  Fishing and swimming with a smashed thumb.
Previous Entrant  2014 Top 20 and most injured award. 2014 Rookie of the Year.
Referrees Mr Mahi Mahi
Preferred Team Mr Mahi Mahi & Haka Jo
Alcohol Preference Beer
Approvers Comments

The first brother combination at this level, Hammah Head joined Mr Mahi Mahi for the 2014 Classic and took out the Rookie of the Year. That means he gets another invitation.



Good luck, Hammah Head.



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