Manning Point Fishing Classic, Extreme Fishing Competition, Australia

Swampman Simo

1st February 2014
Robbed for rookie champ 2013. He's back.


Nationality Aussie
History Robbed for rookie champ 2013. He's back after getting Social Champion in 2014.
Previous Entrant 2014 Social Champion.
Referrees Himself
Preferred Team Mudguts
Alcohol Preference

Scotch or Bourbon.Will slum it & drink beer lol 

Approvers Comments

He was a rookie in 2013 who brought much needed restraint to those around him when needed. In 2014 his consistent efforts won him the Social Award (and to shut up his whinging).

Brininging his own boat again this year will increase his chances.


Good luck Swampman.





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